Five For Friday: Week Of April 27

Posted by Jennifer Allen on April 27th, 2012

Another week goes by and somehow we've made it to the end of April! This week in our Five for Friday roundup, we have a tool to help keen but disorganized gardeners, an app ideal for visitors to New York City, humor, spooky interactive storytelling and something for the bacon lovers.

Vegetable Planting Calendar
Released slightly too late for our look at the best apps for gardeners, Vegetable Planting Calendar is an inexpensive way of tracking when exactly certain vegetables and herbs should be planted. Over 90 different types of seeds are covered within the app, with information on how to sow them and whether they can handle light or hard frosts, as well as heat.

NYC Museum Guide
For those planning to travel to New York City for a visit around the many museums offered, this is an essential download. The app is a comprehensive catalog of all the museums the great city offers. Opening hours and map directions are provided with every museum, along with information from their Wikipedia pages and websites. The 100+ museums are divided according to their type, making it a breeze to navigate.

Frankenstein, for iPad and iPhone
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is one of the greatest horror novels of all times. Frankenstein, for iPad and iPhone turns the memorable tale into an interactive, reimagining. The original text has been fully adapted into a choose your own style adventure, giving readers the opportunity to truly get involved with the classic. There's even a plethora of fascinating illustrations along with detailed 16th century anatomical engravings.

Python Bytes - Monty Python Series 1
Monty Python's Flying Circus has inspired many great comedy writers since its initial release in the 1970s. It's the kind of humor that's crossed borders without ever losing its comedic moments of surreal wonder. Python Bytes gives users the 22 best sketches from the first series of the TV show, as well as the option to create a personalized show from the sketches. It's guaranteed to cause many laughs.

Everybody Loves Bacon
The name says it all, everyone loves bacon, right? Except vegetarians and those with religious reasons. Everybody Loves Bacon. is a very silly game but it's a fun distraction. Players are tasked with the role of having to catch all the rebel pigs scattered throughout each level. Don't expect deep gameplay but do expect simple fun.