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AutoVerbal Talking Soundboard Pro helps the non-verbal

Posted by Jennifer Allen on October 1st, 2010

Being able to speak and communicate with others is something that many of us take for granted. It's not so easy for many folks though, in particular for individuals with autism spectrum disorders, as well as those who have suffered various brain disabilities such as strokes or other conditions.

Enter AutoVerbal Talking soundboard app, something that could make life simpler for many. While it's not Proloquo2Go, the premier communication app, it's also much more affordable.

It's a typical soundboard application with the inclusion of 100s of phrases as well as the option to program several buttons with custom messages. You can even type in exactly what you want to say and it says it! A history function also means that you don't have to repeat yourself too often.

Some of the phrases might be a little out there (from our perspective) and maybe not as frequently useful as they could be but the history function more than makes up for this.

Do bear in mind though that some physical dexterity is required to use the app which may make it restrictive for some people, especially if using it on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

AutoVerbal Talking Soundboard looks to be a useful tool, one that greatly demonstrates just how useful the iDevice can be in day to day living. It's bound to be of use to those who are frustrated by their inability to communicate more freely. We're glad to see more and more developers taking advantage of the iOS development platform to bring functions and apps to people and families who are typically the last ones to be marketed to.

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