Apple Now Has 84% of US Mobile Gaming Revenue

Posted by Jennifer Allen on May 8th, 2012

Market Research company Newzoo has just released some pretty interesting facts when it comes to mobile gaming revenue, namely that Apple is dominating the market with 84% of the revenue coming from iOS devices, rather than Android.

The evidence comes from a survey of 17,000 individuals and taking data from the top 200 grossing games in the iOS and Android marketplaces.

It also found that in the USA, mobile gaming grew from 75 million to 101 million players across all platforms, with 69% of players using a smartphone and 21% on tablets.

In that time, paying players have grown 35% to 37 million, with individuals paying 5 times more money in iOS games than with Android.

Much of the in-app purchasing success of iOS titles has been attributed to the "seamless purchase" experience as Newzoo's CEO Peter Warman explains. Ease of use, after all, makes everything seem so much more appealing and tempting.

All signs point to these figures only increasing in the next year, with the success of the iOS platform far from peaking just yet. It remains fascinating to see how the uptake of smartphones and tablets is changing the games industry.

[Via: CultofMac]