Race The Tabletops with Nano Rally HD

Posted by Blake Grundman on April 19th, 2011

The racing genre is quite possibly one of the most timeless in all of gaming.  Better yet, is that many basic forms of racing titles are fairly easy to code, with console games obviously excluded from that analogy.  That said, anybody who has ever pumped quarter after quarter into top-down arcade racers like Super Off Road can attest to visual fidelity not being a key component to a games success, as long as the control mechanics are precise and fun.  Nano Rally HD is a new iPad game that seems to be piggybacking on this type of thinking in their most release.

In what looks like a more child centric answer to games like Reckless Racing, Sauce Digital's Nano Rally takes the traditional racing style afforded by the overhead perspective and sets courses on the top of junk scattered locations across a home.  It is the player's job to bob and weave their way through minefields of inanimate objects including pencils, protractors, marbles and rulers, just to name a few, all the while trying to dust their cartoonishly rendered competition.

This iPad exclusive features over one hundred unique items found throughout twenty five stages, all taking place in six different enviroments including a bedroom, office, kitchen, garden, and garage.  It is hard to take a look at the footage below and not be reminded of childhood days spent racing Hot Wheels cars around the kitchen, with my little brothers in tow.  I guess this is just reflecting the change that technology makes in how children spend their free time.

Be sure to check out the footage of the game below and see if it strikes a nostalgic chord with you as well.  Really, for only ninety-nine cents, this trip down memory lane could very well be worth your time.