Archetype, A Great Looking Online FPS, Is Live In The App Store

Posted by Chris Hall on July 7th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Villain and Munkyfun Inc. (Shift, Ivory Tiles), have released Archetype, an online FPS built for console style gaming on the iPhone and iPad. “Archetype brings high quality, console-style Pwnage to iPhone and iPod touch first-person shooter fans at an amazing price with absolutely no strings attached,” said Dane Baker, Lead Producer at Villain. “And we’re absolutely thrilled that our game supports the new iPhone 4, as Archetype takes full advantage of the new ‘Retina Display’ technology which results in new owners experiencing an exceptionally phenomenal view of their fragging glory.”

Archetype supports up to ten players per match over WiFi, 3G, and even Edge. Being a console style shooter, the game has a full ranking system, with match pairing services available to prevent beginners from having no chance. With 5 maps, 6 weapons, and 2 grenade types to play with, Archetype looks to keep people entertained for quite some time. Pick it up for $2.99... and of course, there are more screen after the break.

Note from the Editor: Architype is sponsoring 148Apps currently but that had no influence on this article. This is a significant app release for the iPhone/iPod Touch as it represents the latest of very few multiplayer games for the iPhone and even fewer multiplayer FPS games. 148Apps adheres strictly to the principles of editorial and advertising separation as detailed by O.A.T.S.