The Official MotoGP App Will Be Skidding To Your iPhone Soon

Posted by Chris Hall on July 14th, 2010

For the exact same reason the casual fan tunes into Nascar, people love to watch MotoGP racing... insane crashes. I hate to say it, but racing motorcycles against other people (who have no issues with a bit of contact) is absolutely crazy, and entirely watchable for the very same reason.

Now you'll be able to race through the very same tracks with the very same people on TV without the fear of breaking your arms off and taking all your skin off. The official MotoGP racing game is coming soon to the iPhone soon from I-play. MotoGP contains all 18 of the official riders of the 2010 season, as well as all 17 of the tracks on the MotoGP circuit.

There aren't many details at this time, such as price or exact release date, so look for more info coming soon.