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Morning Star Alpha - A Sneak Peek Into The Graphic Novel and Game

Posted by Andrew Stevens on July 10th, 2013

Morning Star Alpha, an interactive graphic novel app and game, has released a new sneak peek video of what exactly the app is and how it works. The graphic novel app has a host of features, including an interactive timeline, personal files, and information that's unlocked once you meet certain conditions in the game. Also, the choices you make in the app and game will effect the story telling, impacting the overall experience within the comic as well as the future game.

Check out the sneak peek video below to get a closer look at the upcoming graphic novel, which will lead directly into the upcoming FPS game from Industrial Toys, Morning Star.

Morning Star Alpha Digital Comic Gets A Cover By Superstar Artist, Mike Choi

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on February 19th, 2013

Morning Star, the upcoming FPS from Industrial Toys and a dream team of video game, sci fi, and comic creators, is also going to have a prequel digital graphic novel called Morning Star Alpha, written by John Scalzi and illustrated by Mike Choi. Not only that, but the prequel digital comic will have interactive elements, in which you'll get to make choices about characters and stories, which will then inform your actual game play when Morning Star is released later this year. Woah, right? Here's the first peek at the cover art for this upcoming digital comic, from amazing artist Mike Choi, best known for his work on Witchblade and X-Force.

Here's what author John Scalzi has to say about it:

“What is Morning Star Alpha? The simplest explanation is that it’s a graphic novel, written by me and illustrated by Mike Choi, which ties into the events of the Morning Star game. But please note that this “simplest explanation” really is too simple. For one thing, Morning Star Alpha is its own app; you explore it on your tablet, and we’ve built the app and the story to take advantage of the medium we’re working in — which means it’s a pretty cool new graphic novel experience. You can make choices in Morning Star Alpha which affect the storytelling, and your actions while exploring inMorning Star Alpha can have an impact in the Morning Star game (and vice versa). You’ll learn more about the characters who populate the Morning Star universe, and what motivates them to action.”

As you can see, Morning Star gonna be a pretty fantastic cross-media experience. And Morning Star Alpha, as president Tim Harris says, won't be one of those crappy motion graphic "bad cartoons." Plan on a real digital comic built by the best comics folks in the business, all up in your iPad. Slick!

Source: Industrial Toys