Capcom E3 Preview: Monster Petshop

Posted by Blake Grundman on June 8th, 2011

Nowadays Capcom is on board the freemium bandwagon in a big way.  One such example of that is their upcoming title Monster Petshop.  Modeled as a hybrid of time management games and Tamagotchi animal raising simulators, the upcoming time sink looks to dip into your inner nurturer, while still forcing players to be ruthless business people.

Players are placed in the kitty litter covered shoes of a pet store owner, specializing in raising unique breeds of monsters.  These interactive creatures that you raise from an egg are you ticket to success, as long as you can avoid becoming too attached to the little buggers.  Any number of different processes that might be done with a traditional Tamagotchi pet are intimately necessary to the creature's survival and ultimate well being, including such tasks as feeding, cleaning up after and even scratching them in their "special spot."  Don't worry, the person demoing the game for me admitted to feeling creepy after uttering the phrase.

Once your pet has reached some level of maturity it can either be bred with other creatures owned by your friends or sold for a profit.  The trick is keeping enough balance that these pixelated little beasts can be constantly reproducing and either building or replenishing your store's stock, while still keeping the critters at peak happiness.  It is a juggling act to be sure, but if you manage to succeed, the imaginary financial windfall could prove to be rather lucrative.

As you become a bigger success as a store owner, abilities to add in new decorations to your shop and options for your breeds will open up, allowing for players to do what they love most in freemium games, customizing the ever-loving hell out of everything.  You can look forward to more details on the game hatching as the title's June/July peak incubation window draws nearer.