The Portable Podcast, Episode 171

Posted by Carter Dotson on January 22nd, 2013

Running away from evil monkeys.

On This Episode:

  • Carter and Blake Grundman discuss some hot topics of January, starting with the surprise release of Temple Run 2.
  • The topic shifts to the controversial NRA: Practice Range app, if its release is hypocritical in the wake of previous comments made by the organization about video games, and why its creator MEDL Mobile is not a purveyor of high-quality iOS apps.
  • The run 'n gun title Gunslugs is discussed, along with its Joypad co-op functionality, and how it ties in to the new Joypad Game Console app for iPad.
  • Finally, Blake discusses the new Attack From Mars table for Pinball Arcade, and the interesting take on the flipper game that Momonga Pinball Adventures brings to the table.
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  • Host: Carter Dotson
  • Co-Host: Blake Grundman, 148Apps and The EvilCast Recap
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