Mobile Printing From OfficeMax's Print Center

Posted by Jennifer Allen on June 30th, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

One of the many useful things about the iPad and iPhone is that they save on needing to print things out. Notes and directions can simply be consulted from the portable device and in many ways, it's far superior to a piece of paper. Even some tickets can be accepted via an iOS device as I discovered last year when a friend of mine didn't have a printer and needed a ticket to scan at the entrance of an event. Fortunately in that case, my trusty iPhone saved the day and we were allowed in.

If such a method hadn't been allowed however, we would have been stuck. This is where an app like OfficeMax's Print Center would come in great handy.

In conjunction with more than 900 OfficeMax ImPress Centers across the US, users can use the free app to arrange mobile printing. Users can access their documents within the Print Center app, whether they're stored on the phone or via an email attachment or Google docs. They can then upload and print them via an OfficeMax ImPress Center. Customization options are pretty extensive with the ability to adjust paper size, color, number of copies and binding type.

The convenient store locator then makes it easy to find the nearest store and send the document across ready for quick pick-up from the Print Center.

Whether you're a student new to college who forgot to buy their own personal printer (I did this a few years back) or a travelling businessperson in need of the bare minimum equipment but as much functionality as possible, OfficeMax's Print Center looks set to be a fantastically useful tool. Now all that's left to hope for is that an European company offers a similar product in the near future!

Print Center is out now for all iOS devices and it's a free app.