Car Seat Safety Simplified

Posted by Lisa Caplan on November 29th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Becoming a parent remains the most life-altering experience I never imagined. Mingled from day one with an overwhelming love came a fear more profound than any I had known. I was responsible for keeping my squishy ball of yum safe. The first challenge was getting him home form the hospital in a car seat.

While using one quickly becomes routine, using it properly is an altogether different matter. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration up to 75% of car seats on the road right now are installed improperly and the number of preventable deaths is staggering. Now thanks to The Phoenix Children’s Hospital Injury Prevention Center there's an app for that too.

Car Seat Helper aids parents with everything from seat selection based The American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations, to in-app video tutorials, and provide some hair-raising facts parents need to know. Anyone toting little passengers should check this one out.