David's Low Budget App Corner: Falling Balls and Marbles Multiball 3d (Free Edition)

Posted by David McKenzie on February 3rd, 2010

Falling Balls

Falling Balls is a super basic FREE game app from developers WickedPissahGames and Bit-101. Now what do I mean by “super basic”?

[caption id="attachment_26601" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="I look so tough down there... it\'s a real shame that THE MOON IS FALLING ON MY HEAD!"]


The game starts with you as the stick figure hero, with the unenviable task of dodging falling balls. At first I thought, “Hey, this is pretty easy, I tilt left – dude goes left; I tilt right, dude goes right.” Mere seconds go by when suddenly balls fall off the top left corner! I screeched with surprise as I was nearly squished. More time went by and more and more balls were dropped. It became apparent that I did not have the skill to continue at this pace, so the game decided it was time that my fate would be death. A ball bounced off the little stick figure creating a splat of blood, and an extremely annoying scream. High score…19. Throughout the next hour I continued to play, getting higher and higher scores until I eventually hit the amazing score of….50. The scream of the dead stick man eventually got to me and I was done. I can still here the screams of those little guys, they haunt my dreams.