Track Dog Walks With MapMyDOGWALK

Posted by Jennifer Allen on February 21st, 2012
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

The vast majority of dogs need a lot of exercise and regular walks. It's an ideal way for their human owner to get fitter and healthier, while having great fun with their beloved pooch. For those people, why not give MapMyDOGWALK a shot?

MapMyDOGWALK is from the makers of iMapMyFITNESS and offers a convenient way of logging dog walks while automatically tracking how many calories are being burned at the time.

It's easy to set up with Twitter integration for the social side of things, plus iPod integration for those who want to listen to music at the same time. Throughout, mapping functionality keeps track of the route taken and synchronizes with the server.

It even lets users know about any upcoming dog events in the local area that might be worth checking out.

MapMyDOGWALK is out now and it's free to download. The ideal reason to get out and take the dog out for a different walk than usual!