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EA Update Big Hits with Multiplayer

EA have released updates for three of their largest games that give them local multiplayer capabilities.

Madden 10, Tiger Woods, and Command and Conquer have gotten updates in the recent days that give them local multiplayer capabilities and EA have done it right.

For example, when playing Tiger Woods, you will actually be watching your opponent live as they play. You see them swing and the travel of their ball live you your screen just as they do on their screen. Tiger Woods supports both Bluetooth and Wifi local multiplayer and all courses are available to play.

For Madden, you each choose your teams and battle it out over a game, each picking their plays and playing in real time. Madden only supports Bluetooth multiplayer.

And for Command and Conquer, each command factions on the game map at the same time. Clashing as each team seeks to expand their territory. C&C works with both Wifi and Bluetooth for local multiplayer.

While we’d love to see large scale global multiplayer in these games, this is a first step and a great step for big fans of these games.

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Madden 10

Madden 10

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More Madden 10 News

Parker StampedAfter posting the initial Madden screenshots yesterday, I got a message from EA with some more gooey details about the game. Assuming the graphics are smooth and the basic gameplay works, Madden 10 looks like it could be an iPhone masterpiece.

The real thing that I think is going to set this one apart is the touch control options. Madden 10 is implementing a ‘Create Your Own Play’ option, letting you hand draw hot routes for receivers for passing plays. Could you imagine being able to do this on your PS3? Also, there is an ‘Action Control Time’ option which will let you speed up and slow down time so you have the ability to make certain plays happen on the iPhone. Nothing is more annoying than needing to quickly hit something and miss because there is no tactile feedback. Now you can take your time to coordinate your play to perfection.

Along with the gameplay, Madden 10 is going to excel at depth and realism. Just like the console version, this one will have Cris Collinsworth and Tom Hammond, have full rosters, and will have all the stadiums. The game will also include a season mode that will have trades, free agents, and in-depth stats.

All I’m expecting to see now before launch is a gameplay video… which I’ll be sure to share with you as soon as I get.

Madden 10 Is Coming!!!

Favre Stamped

Madden launch day was a sad day for the iPhone world. Although we could all go out and drop $70 for a shiny new console game (which I’m sure ten billion people did), our beloved iPhones were sadly neglected. EA kept saying that the iPhone would get Madden, but the skeptics thought that maybe this wouldn’t be the year.

Well, I, along with the other skeptics, were wrong. Madden is coming… and I have some fantastic looking screenshots! The game will include real NFL rosters (including Brett Favre on the Vikings) and will be available for opening day weekend. As soon as I hear more, I’ll let you guys know.

Check out a couple more screenshots after the break. Enjoy!
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