Eat Better Food With Foodmatic

Posted by Chris Hall on October 28th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Sometimes in the cooking process the most important thing is not finding ingredients for a recipe you find, it is finding the right recipe for the ingredients you already have. This sort of backwards engineering was the idea behind the new Foodmatic app from Limit Point Software.

Instead of mindlessly digging through recipes with impossible to find ingredients, Foodmatic lets you choose the ingredients that you want to use and then recommends recipes and other ingredients to make what you have shine. Once your ingredient list is compiled, the app acts as a teaching tool and rates your ingredient list by how well the combinations fit together. Skilled chefs, or anyone competing on Chopped, will tell you that anything and everything can be put together if done right, but for most aspiring chefs, this grading system is extremely helpful in learning what flavors go together.

Experienced chefs will also get a kick out of tweaking old classics with new ideas from the Foodmatic system. By adding ingredients that you already know to work in a dish, the app will suggest new ingredients that are known to work in harmony. The Foodmatic database has over 700 ingredients and uses an in-house algorithm to create sure that the recommended flavor profiles work with each other. According to the Foodmatic website, the team spent months researching flavor combinations of regional and uncommon foods, as well as seasonal ingredients that work in unsuspecting dishes.

If you like cooking or are just starting to learn the craft, give Foodmatic a whirl and try to find your own perfect food combination. I think you'll really dig the build quality of the app and the high quality ingredient and recipe recommendations.

"Foodmatic was born from our passion for delicious great-tasting food. Foodmatic is for people who love food as much as we do," said the developers about the app. "Whether you're someone who thinks they can't cook at all or a professional chef looking to inspire new creativity in your cooking, Foodmatic will help you cook and eat better food. So whether you're just trying to spruce up a bowl of macaroni & cheese or think you could be the next top chef, Foodmatic will help you be more innovative and creative in your everyday cooking."