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Favorite 4: Games that Don’t Require Sound

Posted by Rob Rich on October 16th, 2012

This particular commuter-centric Favorite 4 might lean more to the train side of mass transit than the bus side, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant. Anyone who’s used a commuter train to get to work knows just how noisy they can be. Screeching wheels, blaring overhead announcements, business folk screaming into their cell phones, and so on. That’s why it can be important to have a couple of time-absorbing iOS games that can be enjoyed with or without sound waiting in the wings.

Infinity Blade II
Okay so this might seem like a bizarre choice but there’s logic behind it. Completing Infinity Blade II’s story doesn’t generally take long, and once it’s finished it becomes a kind of meta-game about loot grinding. Not much call for atmospheric music and sword clangs there. Besides, the developers themselves suggest that turning off the sound can even improve performance on older devices. Bonus!

Hook Worlds
Rocketcat’s refinement of their hook-swinging formula is a fantastic “endless runner” kind of game that offers up four unique variations on the formula. While the music and sound effects are certainly top notch it’s the one-of-a-kind visuals and character design that really make these worlds feel complete.

I still think combining brick-breaking with RPG elements is ingenious. Doing so with a fantastic 16-bit retro aesthetic is even more brilliant. With or without the sound muted it’s a treat to play, but without the sound it gives us the added benefit of not getting the music stuck in our head for the whole day.

Legends of Yore Full
This cute and simple-looking Roguelike is actually much more complex than it first appears. It’s even got pets! However none of its complexities involve the audio, which is about as simple as one would expect given the visuals. Relevant to the pixilated theme, yes. Necessary to enjoy the all the massive amounts of content, no.

FrEEday Vol 43

Posted by Chris Nitz on May 6th, 2011

Legends of Yore:
Dungeon crawler addicts, the golden chalice has arrived in the form of Legends of Yore. Various class choices will suit many play styles, while roaming through plenty of dungeons will yield experience, coin, and fat treasures. The game even sports visuals straight from the 8-bit era of gaming greatness. So many dungeons, so little time!

Dojo Breaker is a mixed martial arts fighting game which gamers can duke it out online with one another in either a cooperative fashion, or annihilate each other in this location based game. Players must develop their fighting skills by battling thugs that infest their territory, or look to defend their land from opposing players. Those gamers who enjoy games like Mafia Wars will feel right at home in this brawler.

Nyan Cat!:
Nyan Cat brings on a whole new meaning to space madness with this whimsical and fun game. Players take control of a cat that is flying through space painting stars with its rainbow of happiness. With new game modes on the way, this maybe the most intriguing way to kill a lunch hour any developer has provided.

Office Chaos: Unpaid Overtime:
The IT nightmare has happened with the release of the OMGLOL virus hitting the office network. Not only does this mean every computer in the building is having issues, it also means all the works have been brainwashed to hunt down the one IT worker left in the office. Save this poor slave to the man by knocking out the disgruntled employees with anything within reach. Remember, eye lasers are a truly deadly weapon.

Crazy Tiny Skier HD:
Take one of five crazy skiers to the slopes in hopes of fulfilling their dreams of becoming a Professional Master of Ski-flying sports! Gamers who may enjoy Tiny Wings, but wish to get away from all the bird madness will find plenty here to keep them entertained. With simple controls, 21 ski courses, and addictive game play mechanics, there maybe more time spent on the slopes than on those boring TPS reports.