FrEEday Vol 57

Posted by Chris Nitz on September 9th, 2011

Lazy Frog:
Ever been out walking around and stumble upon a frog so lazy it would not hop away? Well, those lazy frogs have finally found their use in a free game from Chenzo Park. Lazy Frogs is all about catching bugs and staying airborne as long as possible, all with a mere flick of the tongue. As players get better at collecting bugs, more frog types - such as the Ninja, Alien, and Devil - become available. With three game modes to suck away the hours, there is plenty to enjoy, minus all the slime covered hands of fondling a real frog.

Sour Patch Kids: Sour Fling:
These may not be the Sour Patch Kids for eating, but they are suitable for playing. Players will fling these sticky virtual candies across 70 levels of varying difficulties and scenarios. Players will need to collect as many Sour Patch Kids while avoiding enemies like the Gum Monster, a hot light bulb, or even a lake full of juice capable of melting these gummy tykes. This may be just enough to make people want to run out and buy the actual candies the game is based on!

Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia FREE:
Got an itch for some RPG action, but don't know what to buy to fill that need? Exitium provides just a taste of the sweet nectar of their full game. Players can choose from four playable classes to try to save a land covered in turmoil and war. An extraordinary number of quests and side missions will keep players busy for hours. If this RPG manages to become an addiction, the full game can be unlocked and no progress gets wasted! Go ahead, take a dip in the RPG pool, the water is nice and warm!

Sea Battle - Mission Battleship:
Battleship is a game that requires superior fleet formations and exquisite aiming skills. This classic battle game is once again re-imagined on iOS, and it is free to boot. Players can take on a challenging AI during those long train rides home, or they can challenge friends and settle who will buy the next round of drinks. No matter how the game is enjoyed, it will bring back plenty of memories of laying on the floor yelling out, "You sunk my battleship!" and throwing the game across the room in anger. Try not to throw the iPhone, however, as it is much more expensive!

Word to Word:
Word games continue to evolve, and now a new word association game is ready to grip word smiths. Word to Word is a simple, yet addictive, word association game. Players will need to match two words together. They may be opposites, mean the same thing, or even be compound words. As the puzzles tick away, the word combinations get more challenging with multiple matches becoming the norm, but there is still only one solution to solve the puzzle. No dictionary is necessary, just a good amount of puzzle solving skills!