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Telltale and NBCUniversal Bring Law and Order To The App Store

Posted by Blake Grundman on April 26th, 2011

Anyone who has watched cable television pretty much ever should be very familiar with reruns of the infamous Law and Order and the iconic "doink, doink" sound effect.  When the original program was cancelled last fall, fans were greatly disappointed to learn that they would not get the chance to see season twenty-one of its marathon television run.  For this very reason it came as no shock that soon thereafter the team at Law and Order decided to follow in the footsteps of CSI and transplant the franchise to a sunnier locale - in this case, Los Angeles.

So it should also come as no surprise that NBCUniversal is very pleased to announce that they are partnering with episodic gaming juggernaut Telltale Games to bring the drama of the courtroom to the App Store very soon.

"With the 'Law & Order: LA' games, Telltale will build from the experience and expertise cultivated through numerous seasons of police and crime procedural games over the years.  The 'Law & Order: LA' games will take the crime solving focus to interrogation and criminal investigations, with a heavy dose of courtroom drama on each case.  Telltale will also continue to advance its unique approach to cinematic presentation and storytelling as well as dialog and character interactions."

The crime drama genre should really come as nothing new to Telltale, especially considering that they have already released a couple of licensed CSI based games.  Really though, isn't this kind of a betrayal of the CBS network's most popular series?  I am sure the lawyers had a good time trying to untangle that legal knot, but rest assured that we will be seeing the "doink, doink" making its return very soon.  We will keep you on any new details in regards to this agreement as they become available.

[Source: Telltale Games Forums]

New iOS App Teaches You to ‘Say No’ to the Police

Posted by Blake Grundman on December 15th, 2010
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

There comes a time in everyone's life when they have to come in contact with law enforcement of some sort.  Regardless of whether you are the offender or the one making the complaint, it is good to know your rights.  The problem is, not only can legal advice be hard to come by, especially in your time of need, but it can be downright expensive as well.  So once again the brilliant minds of the world have seen a niche need and swiftly moved to fill it, with the launch of the new app, Say No to the Police.

From the mind of attorney and author Ralph Behr comes the must have app for social miscreants everywhere.  The app answers the questions that no one would dare voice, such as:

  • What is stalking?

  • What is entrapment?

  • What is obstruction?

  • Can I buy or own a bong?

  • What is the law on fake ID?

  • Can I get a DUI on a bicycle?

  • Can I carry alcohol in my car?

  • Should I "blow" at a DUI stop?

  • How do I say NO to the police?

  • Can I rely on legal advice from a cop?

  • Can my boss or teacher look in my desk?

  • Do the police need a warrant to arrest me?

  • Can the police lie to me about evidence and facts?

  • Is my case dismissed if I'm not read my Miranda rights?

When you consider that thirty million Americans come in contact with law enforcement on a yearly basis, it might be handy to have a little extra information in your corner.  If nothing else, you will be able to finally ask all of those questions that have been piquing your curiosity, but never had the disposable income to investigate.

Just be aware that this is by no means a replacement for true legal representation, just more of an Ask Jeeves: Lawyer Edition. **Feel free to cue the imaginary Law and Order "Doink Doink" sound effect here.**