Interactive Photo Montages Created Easily With Jiv3D

Posted by Jennifer Allen on November 9th, 2011

I've got an iPad full to the brim with photos taken over the years, ever since I first dipped into the iOS world. Numbering in the thousands, it's comforting to know they're there, ready to browse through at any time.

How to exhibit them to others, however? Or how about just a cool new way of watching a slideshow of images? That's where Jiv3D enters the picture.

It's a new app that automatically syncs music with photos, thus creating attractive showcases of all those memorable moments. With several different themes that can be applied and the ability to manipulate images with a tap of the screen, Jiv3D is a pretty neat app and extremely easy to use.

It's an ideal app for all manners of different situations such as showing holiday snaps to the family or in the conference room to explain a concept to colleagues.

Jiv3D is out now for iPad owners and it's a free download.