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Five Of The Most Recommended Apps This Week: July 29-August 2, 2013

Posted by Chris Kirby on August 5th, 2013

To paraphrase Casey Kasem, Powerslyde ranks 'em, and we count 'em down!

This week, five of the most recommended apps are racing or car-related games:

Car Racing Free
Highway Rider
GT Racing: Motor Academy Free
Cars 2 AppMATes
JellyCar 3 Lite

Maybe this trend towards automobiles makes sense. Cars, travel, summer, vacation....they all go together perfectly! But while games like JellyCar and even GT Racing are somewhat familiar to many iOS owners, some of these are off the beaten path. Car Racing Free is an old-school, overhead view racer with tilt controls, while Cars 2 AppMATes is a companion game for a physical series of toys. And for those who love the feeling of open air on the road, there's Highway Rider, a motorcycle racing game.

Thanks to Powerslyde - an app that recommends even more apps for your iPhone or iPad - for our list this week. What apps do you recommend? Drop us a comment below, or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

Have Plenty of Gelatinous Fun for Free With JellyCar 3 Lite

Posted by Rob Rich on September 13th, 2011

JellyCar surprised a lot of folks with its sudden appearance and bouncy automotive hijinks. So much so that it spawned two well-received sequels. Now JellyCar 3, the most recent of the bunch, has a free trial. Just in case the dollar seems a bit too steep.

Now the incredibly frugal, or those without access to electronic funds (i.e. young-uns) can sample 10 of JellyCar 3's levels for free. That's 10 levels of "squishy goodness" for the same price as lunch when someone else is paying. Of course, if a player were to find the size-adjusting, wiggly, loopy, special ability-having, secret exit filled, car-customizing extravaganza to be irresistible, it's not exactly super-expensive.

So why not give JellyCar 3 Lite a try since it's free? It's not going to cost anything but a bit of time, and chances are it'll be considered time well spent. I mean, the original was a lot of fun, right?