Jelli Is The Future Of Radio

Posted by Chris Hall on November 12th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

"Jelli is the future of radio." - Jaime Chaux – Austereo

I see a ton of music radio type apps come through my inbox every week, but none are nearly as ambitious as Jelli. Jelli is a crowdsourcing music platform that enables the listeners to really listen to what they want. Unlike most online-only platforms, Jelli is integrated into many radio stations across the country, from KITS-FM in San Francisco to WPST-FM in Philadelphia to provide an on air experience like no other. Listeners then can hop online and literally vote a song off the air... mid-play. As Jelli says, their product is true radio democracy.

Up until now, users of the system could only vote through their computers, leaving many people on the go without much of a say. To fix this, Jelly has launched the Jelli app which not only lets you listen to Jelli based community controlled playlists (consisting of music genre sections and no genre anarchy rooms) or any of the FM stations across the country that use the platform.

The app is a completely interactive app that lets you vote online for what comes next (much like iTunes DJ), and also lets you chime in as to whether the song that is playing "Sucks" or "Rocks." If the song fills up the suckitude quota, it is instantly yanked off the air and the next song will play. To get a song on the air, or to get a song out of the list to vote on, you use your social gaming type rockets and bombs. When a song that you rocket up gets selected, your "DJ" name gets announced and you earn points for more rockets to use in the future. Use your rockets and bombs wisely though, because you only get a limited amount.

Jelli is free to download and free to listen to, so hop on board this new wave of internet/broadcast radio... and don't pick any crappy songs.