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Social Networking For Couples From Cupple

Posted by Jennifer Allen on November 23rd, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Having been in a long distance relationship, I know how tough it is to maintain regular contact and intimacy with a significant other. It's apps like Cupple that could go some way to ensuring that couples always feel close to each other.

Cupple is a private social networking app aimed specifically at two people in a relationship. It allows users to share various details just between the two of them such as galleries of photos, private messages and even locations so that each person knows where the other person is. In each case, images or notes can be added for the personal touch.

The key thing is that it encourages intimacy. It's the kind of app that's particularly ideal for the couple who have to frequently travel for work but still want to keep in regular contact, even if it's simply to say they saw something and thought of the other person.

Cupple is a free to download app and is available now.

Adventurous Thrills For Couples Courtesy Of iKamasutra

Posted by Jennifer Allen on July 19th, 2011

The App Store isn't just about innocent or casual thrills, there's a more sensual and sexy side to it too, now that Apple has relaxed their rules on such things. A perfect example of this is iKamasutra, an app very much for the adult iOS device owner with a focus on spicing up its user's love life.

The standard app priced at $2.99 comes bundled with 110 different sexual positions for users to try out with their loved one. 9 categories exist in all, with each entry featuring easy to follow explanations and tasteful imagery to demonstrate the result. Users can track their progress from Novice to Master by marking the positions they've tried. They can also search for their ideal positions depending on Intimacy, Complexity and Strength levels. Even favorite and to do lists can be created for the organised user. Fortunately there's also a way of password protecting the app to ensure privacy remains.

For the user who can't decide from so many different positions, they can also simply shake the iOS device for a random position to be chosen. To add a bit of spice in the user's partner's day, positions can be emailed from within the app. Information can even be shared through Facebook or Twitter for the more exhibitionist user. Exhibitionists might also enjoy the Places challenge, purchaseable for $0.99, which keeps track of where users have their fun, not just how.

For $2.99, users get the most popular 110 positions but for an additional $1.99, users can now unlock the Summer Selection which adds 30 new water based positions that can be performed in the (private) swimming pool, in the shower, at sea or in the surf. For the same fee, users can also unlock either the Pro or Ancient Selections for even more options.

Open minded iOS device owners looking to add a bit of spice to their love life are sure to enjoy such an app. The frugal user can even download the iKamasutra Lite app which comes with 30 positions, before taking the plunge with the full app. Both apps are available now. Enjoy!