Turn Instagram Into a Game with Instagamer

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on March 14th, 2012

Do you enjoy tinkering with Instagram but wish there was some sort of game aspect? If so you're in luck as the Instagamer companion app has just been launched. This simple card matching game lets you enjoy some of the best pics you and your friends have taken while also introducing fun new content and ways to discover even more cool stuff.

Setup is simple, you can search by tags, your personal feed of pics or those of your friends, and you're off. The photos are spread facedown on screen and you have to remember where they're hiding in order to match up pairs. The game supports two players so you can take turns with a buddy, and if you see a photo you enjoy you can like it or get more info on who took it from within the app. This may not be much more than a simple companion app, but it's still a fun way to explore the Instagram library.