Trucks & Skulls - Physics Puzzler Goes Macho

Posted by Chris Hall on October 19th, 2010

The App Store is full of all sorts of silly physics puzzlers that have you destroying flimsy little structures, but eventually people were bound to crave something a bit more angry than the genre king, Angry Birds. Appy Entertainment's (FaceFighter, All-In-1 Zombie Box) new physics puzzler, Trucks & Skulls wants to be just that: Angry Birds on anger pills.

Trucks & Skulls is an app that has you joining the Insane Stunt Circus on the Tour of Doom, with a mission to destroy huge piles of giant skulls that are protected by huge structures made of ice, metal, and "indestructium". If that doesn't deserve a Mountain Dew endorsement, I don't know what does. The app includes over 100 levels (more are promised to come in future expansion packs) that are filled with ramps and things that explode, as well as six different trucks to drive, including the armored semi "Doomstone" and the ready to explode "Insanerator." In all reality, it looks just like Crush The Castle and Angry Birds, only with a lot more attitude and destruction.

The real difference maker, if done right, will be the built in level editor that is available on the iPad version. With it, users will be able to design and share their own levels, possibly extending the game play to infinity. Word is that Appy is still figuring out the best way to share the game via some sort of game portal, so hopefully they'll figure something out that works nicer than emailing levels to one another.

Trucks and Skulls is slated to be released around the end of October, and judging by the looks of things, it looks to be one of the more exciting physics puzzlers on the market. Be sure to check out the rest of the screen shots after the jump.