FrEEday Vol 64

Posted by Chris Nitz on October 28th, 2011

Dark Fury:
Getting sick and tired of always seeing the good guys win every battle known to man? If so, then it is time to get ready to show those pesky heroes a thing or two. Players will build squads of minions and lead them into battle to reclaim loot, like epic weapons, and bring it back home. There are over 50 different minion classes to choose from and 100+ unique quests to complete. Go ahead and enjoy this RPG that shows that even evil characters are fun to play.

TapCommand Soccer:
Soccer is more than just getting a ball down field and into a net, it is about ball control and faking out the opponent in order to move into scoring range. This game puts the player in this rush to move the ball. Opponents will stream in from various portions of the screen and the player will need to perform the right feint to keep the ball moving while evading difficult blocking formations. The more feints performed the better the moves become. Who says soccer games have to be complicated and difficult to play?

Crazy Moto Special:
Excitebike may never find its way to iOS, but that does not mean clones of this popular title cannot fill the void. This game brings realistic physics, 80 levels spread across four varied worlds, and a highly destructible motor bike. Players need to get in touch with their inner racer in order to master big jumps, difficult puzzles, and arrive at the finish line in one piece. Don't worry, there is a practice mode to help get acclimated to the challenges ahead.

City Pursuit!:
Time to make a mad dash across some of the most famous cities in the world. The task at hand is not an easy run as players need to grab all the cash they can while avoiding obscene amounts of obstacles and outrunning the police. Simple controls make this accessible for players of all ages to pickup and enjoy.

Infinity Bricks:
Breakout is a classic game of bouncing a projectile around the screen and using it to bust blocks. This classic formula receives a 3D make over while adding in a bit of gravity to the mix to challenge players and their skills. There are 20 levels to work through and a global leader board to post high scores to. So retro, so good.