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New Add-On Content Available for Scribblenauts Remix

Posted by Rob Rich on January 18th, 2012
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A good many people have been enjoying collecting starites since Scribblenauts Remix first hit the App Store. It's a pretty nifty game, after all. The down-side to games like this is that they eventually end once each level has been completed. There's always the fun of revisiting completed stages in order to see what other bizarre ways its puzzles can be solved, but once it's done it's pretty much done. Until the developers release more levels for it, that is.

5th Cell has just made a new batch of 20 levels available for purchase, on top of the preexisting 50. I'm sure there are at least a few players out there who've been wishing there was more for them to do since they ran out of content, and an announcement like this should certainly brighten their day. Now they've got 20 more levels to bombard with adjectives and nouns as they attempt to grab that starite and have a good laugh in the process.

The level pack is available right now via in-app purchase, and will only set players back $0.99

Galaxy on Fire 2 is going Supernova

Posted by Rob Rich on January 18th, 2012
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It isn't much of a surprise to see that Galaxy on Fire 2, one of the App Store's most notable space adventures, is going to be getting a second in-game add-on pack. Let's face it, the game is excellent and the added content from Valkyrie was more than welcome. FishLabs deciding to follow it up with a second batch of new things was only natural. Thus we have (or will have, really) Supernova.

Supernova is set to pick up right after the events of Valkyrie. Keith is taking it easy at the Deep Science space station, but it's not long before another galactic peril makes itself known. The entire Mido sector suddenly finds itself threatened with annihilation as a supernova "of unknown origin" appears. Keith being Keith, he decides to get involved. The entire adventure is said to last "at least twice as long" as the previous add-on, with promises of 10 hours of gameplay, new mission types, more ships and more story.

Dates and pricing aren't available at the moment, but it's probably safe to assume it'll cost about as much as Valkyrie ($4.99) and will be out sometime in the second quarter of this year. Be sure to keep a look out for release blurbs.

Sims 3 Theme Packs

Posted by Chris Hall on July 21st, 2009

I admit, I was a bit worried when Apple first hinted that developers would be able to add in-app purchases to their apps. I had this fear at the time that developers would take advantage of it the process, and games, especially online games, would require mafia game style add-ons to compete at higher levels. Well fortunately this hasn't occurred yet, but as one could guess, EA is starting the in-app download trend with some additional theme packs for its ever so popular game, The Sims 3.

If I've learned anything from my years on Earth, it's that have to pay my taxes, and that there will be expansion packs for Sims games. Oddly enough, this doesn't bother me in the least. I admittedly don't play the Sims too often, but who's to say that some of the great games out there won't follow suit. Would I be upset if Fieldrunners charged a buck or two for an expansion pack? No, probably not. The great thing that I've learned from the app store is that it's a great example of capitalism at its finest (well, it may be a bit regulated for true capitalism). When people make good products, their apps sell... just look at Harbor Master. I'm assuming that the same will hold true for expansions and in-app add-ons.

Back to the Sims... I went on a bit of a tangent there. In the next update to The Sims 3, 6 theme packs will be available for download at prices that are yet to be determined. 5 are already set in stone by EA (Nightlife, Sci-Fi, Gothic, Medieval, University), and on the EA website, they are having a poll to choose what the 6th pack will be. Sounds cool to me.

There is yet to be a release date for this update, or the exact price of the add-ons, but I'm hoping that the date will be tomorrow and the price will be a penny. Maybe I'm a bit optimistic, but here's hoping.