Favorite Four - Apps For Fantasy Football Fans

Posted by Chris Hall on September 1st, 2010

Oh fantasy football, how I love thee.

Every August or so, I, along with 30 million other people around the world, play the ultimate fan game of fantasy football. While most people find playing only on their computers is good enough, the tech savvy (or fantasy football obsessed) sometimes feel the need to take their favorite game with them. I mean, what if I'm out on a Sunday night and a player gets hurt in pregame warm-ups? Hey, it could happen.

Most though just use mobile fantasy apps to check their league scores, and that is fine too. Whatever your needs are, you need the best app out there. Here are my four favorites.

Fantasy Monster

While I don't judge people on what fantasy service they use (except for people who play on the slow as molasses Bing-powered Fox Sports), I tend to favor Yahoo! and ESPN leagues. Fortunately for me, Fantasy Monster provides simultaneous access to both leagues, letting me trade players, set lineups, and see my league scores all in the same place. The interface isn't the prettiest thing on the planet, but this is football people! We don't need no stinkin' pretty here!

If you also play fantasy basketball, pick up the pro version. If not, save $2 and get the football only one.

CBS Sports Pro Football/ Yahoo! Fantasy Football/ ESPN Fantasy Football

If you play in one of the big 3 fantasy leagues (Yahoo!, ESPN, or CBS Sportsline), each of the services offer their own fantasy app to support your addiction. Instead of just showing rosters/ letting you manipulate them and fantasy scores (the fantasy app standards), all of the app have a bit more in them to sweeten the pot.

Content wise, the Yahoo! app is the lightest, giving you the standard abilities of a fantasy app with a few episodes of a Yahoo! Fantasy Football webisode. The CBS Mobile app is a bit more packed in, giving you your fantasy controls as well as a bunch of fantasy news plus a live gamecast, so you can see exactly how your favorite player is doing in his game. Both the CBS and Yahoo! apps are free, so any and all features are just bonuses.

ESPN on the other hand is a bit more proud of their fantasy app, and they make you pay for it. Like last years model, the app gives you all the standard fantasy football controls with some news, but the app also pushes you info about the players in your starting lineup. Drew Brees goes down in warmups week 1, finally realizing that he shouldn't have been on cover of Madden this year? ESPN will let you know... the others won't. Is it worth your hard earned cash? If you're in any money leagues, or value your football pride over $5, yes.

Fantasy Draft Genie

If you are still in pre-draft mode and have a modified scoring system, Fantasy Football Genie is an indispensable tool. You just load up your scoring system, as bizarre as it may be, and it'll rank your players accordingly. If you get really ambitious, you can even enter in all players drafted in real time and the app will give you a top 3 recommendation when it becomes your pick. I have a few PPR and return yardage leagues this year that could definitely use some draft help.

iHandy Coin Flip

In Fantasy Football, no matter how much of a grizzled veteran you are, any tight game can come down to complete chance. Anyone who says that it's all luck is a fool, because the game definitely revolves around great mid season pickups and trades (and setting your lineup... *shakes head*).

Sometimes though, no matter how much thought you put into deciding which player to start on a given week, you just can't make the decision. Do you go with old reliable or the streaky pick with a ton of upside... what will happen come game time is anyone's guess. Don't stress though, just flip a coin. Don't make it a real coin though, go digital.

iHandy Coin Flip lets you flip and of the 50 state quarters that you want, as well as 10 presidential coins. If you want a comprehensive coin flip app fit for a serious decision, make iHandy your choice.