Jay & Silent Bob Take to the Skies and the Dance Floor in Two New iOS Games

Posted by Rob Rich on July 13th, 2012

The world's greatest fart joke comedy team is back with their own set of iOS games to take the App Store by storm! Or maybe just to make people laugh for a bit. Either one works, really.

Jay & Silent Bob in: LET US DANCE! puts the more talkative of the pair on the dance floor. Players will have to tap the screen to match colored buttons to the beat as Jay attempts to show off his break dancing skills. Three different styles of music and Game Center leaderboards/achievements should keep the party in front of the Quick Stop going all night long.

For a different protagonist and different game altogether, there’s also Jay & Silent Bob in: Too Fat To Fly. Here players get to recreate one of the many memorable moments from Mallrats as they fling Tons of Fun as far as possible (without busting into the ladies dressing room this time). Plenty of items can be purchased to give Silent Bob an edge, and there’s also a healthy selection of character skins and outfits to unlock.

Both games are available right now in both iPhone and iPad flavors for free and $0.99, respectively. So hop on the App Store faster than Walt Flannigan’s dog and get to downloading!