Five for Friday: Week of February 11, 2011

Posted by Chris Nitz on February 11th, 2011

It is time to get your puzzle gaming on with a bit of style and flare. You must crack a series of puzzles in order to fill in the missing pages of and enchanted book. There are over 40 unique puzzles to work though. Top that off with 5 master-level puzzles and a few ‘escape the room’ challenges and you have hours of entertainment.

A mad scientist has tried to solve the world’s energy problems by creating an infinite fuel source. Unfortunately, all he did was create a living orange ball of goo. You will direct Sticky through various levels in an attempt to bring an end to the sludge monster army. To aid you in this quest, you will collect power-ups to make Sticky a goo ball to be reckoned with. Can you stop the madness?

One of the most popular Internet games is making its way to iOS. Karoshi has won many awards for being fun, funny, and challenging all at once. In Karoshi, you take the role of an overworked Japanese salaryman. He is fed up with everything and is going to end it all. You will help him achieve this task by working through logic puzzles with a platforming twist. With 50 levels to work though, you will have a long dark road ahead of you.

Home Design 3D – By LiveCad:
Got a need to change the color of a room? Maybe you are looking to rearrange your living room for optimal gaming performance. You could cutout little pieces of paper and try to work with graphing paper, or you can do all that work right on the iPad. An easy to use interface, coupled with more than 150 pieces of furniture will help you get right to designing your optimal space. Once completed, take a look at the space in full 3D. Save yourself from all those nasty paper cuts!

If you use Evernote to store various website links, there is a tool to help you manage everything you clip in Evernote. Links stored in Evernote are brought up right in the Egretlinks app. You can even share links, delete links from Evernote, and even group links for easier management. This just maybe one of the most useful Evernote add-ons for the heavy web surfer!