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Heroes Lore 3 Now Available in US

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on November 30th, 2010
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American RPG gamers have a new option for their iOS devices today, as EA has officially released Heroes Lore III in the US. The game, which was originally titled Heroes Lore: Stigmata of Gaia, has been available to international markets for several months, but is just now arriving in North America. EA hasn't given any reason for the delay.

The game features "hardcore RPG" action and promises over 30 hours of gameplay. The single player campaign is spread over 6 different areas and players can choose to equip a number of weapons including swords, shields, guns and blades. For those with a tilt towards multiplayer, the app allows for both one-on-one PVP combat and 2 v 2 battles.

The Heroes Lore franchise is a huge success in Asia, dominating the cell phone RPG market. While you may not even realize there is such a market, RPG games are huge in Asia, and mobile gaming is also a big deal. Put those together and you have a franchise which is highly venerated across the Pacific.

But will this success manage to spill over into the American market? At this point we're unsure. The reactions of those who have played the international version have been decidedly mixed, so it's not as though this is an absolute killer app which Americans have been waiting for night and day. Also, the extensive delay gives us pause, but if EA was using this time to fix gameplay issues and do more than merely translate text then it may make the game worth checking out. At any rate, fans who have been eagerly anticipating the game since it was announced in September can now finally dive in; we just hope it was worth the wait.

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Huge EA Fall Lineup

Posted by Chris Hall on October 8th, 2010

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Based on the best selling console game of the same title, Bad Company 2 is a squad-based first-person shooter with 14 single player missions and 5 distinct battle zones (i.e. jungle heat, winter snow, desert dust). Like the console version, the app also includes room to room, ground-based combat and vehicle combat, giving you the controls of tanks and helicopters. The real treat though, if done right, could be the multiplayer mode. If it's even as close to as good as the console version we're all in for a treat. Look for Bad Company 2 to hit the App Store sometime in November. If the app plays as good as it looks, I'll be expecting it to be a top 25 mainstay.

Heroes Lore: Stigmata of Gaia - Heroes Lore is little known in the west, but in Korea it's about as big as it gets. Heroes Lore is a mobile RPG that offers an over 30 hour single player experience as well as an astoundingly successful 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2 multiplayer arena. At one point, the original was seeing upwards of a million and a half online battles a day. Insane.

High Caliber Hunting - Not quite as anticipated as Battlefield or Heroes Lore, High Caliber Hunting is EA's hyper-realistic foray into hunting. With "20 types of wild game, including Bear, Moose, Boar, and smaller critters like Squirrel, Fox, Rabbit" and 70 real brand-name firearms, High Caliber Hunting looks to be the pinnacle of mobile hunting. Look for High Caliber Hunting to launch sometime in November.

EA Sports MMA - It seems that everyone is watching MMA these days (except for me, something about arm bars makes me cringe), so EA is enthusiastically bringing their authentic MMA game to the iOS. The game features multiple fighting styles and over 20 real life fighters, enough to please any mobile warrior. Expect MMA to launch later this month.

EA Sports NBA Elite 11 - Instead of continuing with the NBA Live brand, EA is re-branding their hit series NBA Elite 11. As you'd expect, the game has all 30 NBA teams with over 450 players and unlockable legends. The iOS version even has a 3 point mode which will certainly drain hours of my time. The launch has been often delayed up to now because of the console launch of the new NBA JAM, but it should come out later this month.

On another note, hopefully NBA JAM will come to the iPhone too. Boomshakalaka!

SimCity Deluxe (iPad) - As expected, EA is bringing their ever so popular SimCity Deluxe game to the big screen. The HUD has been fully redesigned for the iPad, has many customizable features, and even simultaneous disaster strikes. Earthquakes and alien strikes await us all sometime in November.

Be sure to check out the mass of screenshots after the jump. Enjoy!