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FREEday 6/01/12 - "How Bad Can a Boy Be if He Sets You FREE?"

Posted by Rob Rich on June 1st, 2012

Boy howdy do we have games this week. Plenty of games to absorb daylight (and nighttime, really) hours free of charge. Enjoy, all!

Heroes Call - People love dungeon crawlers, but the mention of free-to-play typically brings hesitance. Fortunately for all of us, Heroes Call does Freemium quite well in that only new quests and item identification are gated behind real world timers. It’s not as bad as it sounds since completed quests can be replayed while players wait. Besides, the game itself is actually quite fun.

Battleship Craft - I’ve seen my fair share of games that involve building and upgrading an avatar while using it to combat other players, but I’ve yet to see one where the avatar is actually a naval vessel. Until now, that is. Come for the wealth of customization options, stay for the in-depth (*rimshot*) simulation of buoyancy, speed, and so on.

Duckers - I’d say this one’s worth a look simply due to the concept of subterranean water fowls. And if our own Carter Dotson’s impressions are any indication, this is one quality bird-tunneler. Besides, everyone likes digging for treasure. It’s like an inherent human trait or something.

Zombie Purge! - Playing god during a zombie apocalypse doesn’t have to feel awkwardly inappropriate. At least not when said deity is using their other-worldly powers to squash the Undead threat and keep as much of the dwindling members of humanity as safe as possible.

Marathon Infinity - And here it is, the third and final chapter in Bungie’s classic trilogy. More levels, a few hidden levels, lots of missions, a new weapon (the KKV-7 10mm SMG Flechette submachine gun), and online multiplayer arenas can be had by all for the same cost as breathing. I mean “right now” breathing, not “Total Recall” breathing where everyone on Mars had to actually pay for air.

Heroes Call Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Rob Rich on June 1st, 2012
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: DELVE
Heroes Call is a fun and accessible dungeon crawler that aims to turn the Freemium model on its head.
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