CauseWorld: Changing the World One Mirco-Donation at a Time

Posted by Arron Hirst on January 14th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Let's take a step back from this materialistic world for a minute, and put things back into perspective. It's time to give something back people. If you've ever made an excuse not to donate to charity .. (do you stamp on little kittens while you're at it?) .. well, frankly, now you don't have one. Launched on Monday, ShopKick Inc have announced they've partnered with both Citibank Inc and Kraft Foods to bring a modern charitable experience to the iPhone that you'll just want to get involved with - and trust me, you will!

Available for FREE from the App Store, CauseWorld allows you to collect "Karma" when you either come close to, or on entering a retail store. Here's how it works. On your trip into town, or into the city, you visit a bunch of retail stores and open the CauseWorld app near or inside the participating store(s). By doing so, you're rewarded with a certain amount of "Karma". This "Karma" actually represents a small chunk of the $500,000 fund both Citibank and Kraft have each provided together. You the user then get to spend this virtual "Karma" on real world charitable actions, and the best bit is, you get the choose which ones.

I know what you're thinking .. I have to buy products at the store to gain this Karma, right? Wrong! Simply opening the app at any participated store will result in receiving a whopping chunk of Karma. So far, there are nine charities taking involvement in what CauseWorld is trying to achieve, including the likes of American Red Cross, Feeding America, American Forests, GlobalGiving,, Prevent Child Abuse America,, American Humane Association, and Room to Read.

Recap: You get to help real-world causes by simply walking into a store. It's not even your own money and you get social credit for doing so. So, If you do do one thing today, make it this: CLICK HERE to re-tweet this and spread the word about CauseWorld to your followers on Twitter. Heck, why not put a link to it on your Facebook profile? If only a small amount of you download and start using this app in your day-to-day routine, the world could be seriously better off for it.

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