Social Network Tool For Status Update Addicts Now Available

Posted by Ben Harvell on May 14th, 2010
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

If you're one of those sociable types who has more friends than you can keep track of, your best chance of staying in touch is to use the power of social networking.

But what if you got caught up in the MySpace explosion and then jumped on the Facebook bandwagon only to be lured by Twitter and Buzz? You can't just ignore one network and stick with the most popular one. Well... you could but that just wouldn't be sociable now, would it.

No, your only hope is to let everyone you have ever met via social networking know what you're doing by updating your status message on each service. But logging in to each site in turn and posting about how you had eggs for breakfast is probably going to keep you busy until it's time to let your followers know about the contents of your lunchbox. This is where Hellotxt comes in.

The suitably text speak-titled service gathers all of your social networks into one place and allows you to update everything in one go. The aggregation idea is nothing new, but what sets Hellotxt apart from the pack is the sheer number of social networks it supports. Over fifty of them!

Scanning the list, the usual suspects are present but there are some that we have never heard of and some you don't usually see in this type of app.

The interface is clean and simple and has a few nice details such as a character count (handy for Twitter's 140 maximum) and link shortening and you can add photos from your iPhone's Camera Roll to the updates you send out. You can also select which services your update goes to rather than fire out a message to all of them each time. Handy if you're attempting to mix business with pleasure in the social network world.

You will need to use the website to attach your accounts to the Hellotxt service before using the app and you also have to register with Hellotxt which is free, but beyond that there's no additional setup to worry about.

While we're sure none of you out there will need to update every social network supported by Hellotxt, if your online updates are starting to wear you down and eat up your time, this free app will be an essential download.