Auto-Tune Birthday Spreads the Auto-Tune Madness Even Further

Posted by Bonnie Eisenman on March 17th, 2011

StarMaker Interactive, the developer behind Auto-Tune Birthday, writes that "Jay-Z may have pronounced Auto-Tune dead"...but hey, Auto-Tune The News has 240 million views, so clearly plenty of people find Auto-Tune's distinct sound hilarious. That's the idea, anyway, and it's the reason why we have this...monstrosity?...on our hands. In this app, Auto-Tune meets perhaps the most unremarkable, aged song in popular culture: "Happy Birthday." I think that the app's description sums it up best: "You singing "Happy Birthday" + Auto-Tune + Facebook = The best birthday wall post your friend will get!"

Auto-Tune Birthday is an iPhone app that lets you sing and record yourself singing Happy Birthday, and then auto-tune the resulting song. From there, you can post the recording to Facebook or send it via email. When posting a song to Facebook, the app allows you to add photos, graphics, and a personal message as well as the recording.

The app includes ten "versions" of the Happy Birthday song, including Hip-Hop, Rock, Samba, Synth Pop, and more. Auto-Tune Birthday also ties into Facebook so that it can send you birthday reminders. Check out the results in the video below.

Auto-Tune Birthday from StarMaker on Vimeo.

“Facebook users have become accustomed to receiving the somewhat impersonal ‘Happy Birthday’ wall posts on their birthdays,” says Nathan Sedlander, President and Co-Founder of StarMaker Interactive, “Auto-Tune Birthday's studio-quality Auto-Tune and easy integration with Facebook lets users create fun wall posts that stand out, have a personal touch, and are generally more awesome.”

The app's developers have experience with harnessing Auto-Tune to hilarious effect: their Auto-Tune Christmas app produced funny versions of Silent Night.

Auto-Birthday is available in the App Store for $0.99.