Arthur Christmas Movie Storybook Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on December 18th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Arthur Christmas Movie Storybook is a fun storybook based on the current movie of the same name, also including added interactive elements.

Arthur Christmas is the delightful story about how Santa delivers presents to all the world’s children. This story is a fun one that seems original among the other Christmas stories out there and I really enjoy how in this tale, the job of Santa and the elves make use of technology to get things done in a timely manner, as well as including some very classic elements.

It is nice that one gets to meet Santa’s children, Steve and Arthur, who each have very different personalities, with Arthur taking it upon himself to deliver a forgotten present to a child on Christmas.

Arthur’s adventure while making this delivery is really fun to watch and takes him to places that adults as well as children will be engaged by, as this story takes some fun tangents that I did not expect and had a lot of fun with.

From what I have seen of this film, as we have not yet seen this movie in the theater, this app borrows images directly from this film, giving this application a a wonderfully stylized, colorful and very vivid computer animated look that I really enjoy. I like how each page has an image from this film illustrating it, but the included story goes into details way beyond the included illustration, allowing children to use their imaginations while listening to this story.

I also enjoy how the actors within this film are also included during the reading of these characters' dialogue. Narration is included within this app, as is auto play, but one can turn off these features and read this book to oneself as well. At the end of this book, some interactive scenes are also included in which kids can become part of this story.

I know that oftentimes before bed, my son will ask to see a full length film such as this for which we have no time. It is nice that with this app as well as with the other iStorytime apps based on other children’s favorite movies, one can allow children to experience these stories in app form in much less time.

This is a fun and lively app that kids and adults will enjoy. This application does touch upon a lot of plot points but still maintains itself as a good narrative in its own right, and I have enjoyed this story with my son.

Arthur Christmas Movie Storybook has encouraged me to go see this movie, and I am happy that my son can revisit this creative and interesting Christmas story whenever he wishes.

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