Apps For The Weekend - Football Edition

Posted by Chris Hall on August 8th, 2009

The weekend is almost upon us. I can almost smell the freedom... no more work, no more bosses, no more... uh... work things. So while I expect you all to be spending time with your friends and family, I fully expect all of you to be downloading apps!

Football TIme
Maybe it's just me, but the start of the football season may be the best time of the year. To me, it signals the end of the brutal heat of summer and the start of everything that I want in the year: cooler weather, outdoor cooking, great holidays, and of course fantasy football. So, to get us all in the football spirit, I went out and dug up some new football apps in the App Store.

Fantasy Football Cheatsheet '09

Quite possibly the most important thing about the month of August is the epic amount of fantasy football drafts that will be held. I'm convinced that nothing in the world is better than a solid live fantasy football draft with a bunch of people who really really really want to win.... along with a few beers to keep things interesting. The problem with live drafts to me is the lack of information that I usually have going into them. When I do internet drafts there are so many ranking sheets available that my choices are typically made 10 picks in advance. In comparison, the last live draft I had, I was entirely unprepared and had only a sheet of paper with rankings next to me... something that can never happen again. I must win!

Knowing that there must be an app for that, I found Fantasy Football Cheatsheet '09 which has up to date information from and built in. Now with an insane amount of information at my finger tips, I'm surely destined to draft this years Tom Brady... er... Matt Forte and win my league. For $1.99, less than the price of an egg roll trio at Jack in the Box (so good!), you too can dominate your fantasy draft.

Football 2010

I don't think that Football 2010 needs much of an introduction due to the amount of attention it's receiving. Being the first and only football simulation on the iPhone means that Football 2010 is definitively the best football simulation that money can buy on the platform.

Sure, you might say that the defensive system in Football 2010 isn't very good, but who, in all honesty, cares about playing defense? Go ask 1999 Kurt Warner if he really cared about defense and he would probably say, "What? I don't remember seeing a defense on the field." If it were up to me, the defense would just be a simulated experience and I could just run my offense over and over again. I really don't need to see a great bruising defense in a video game, I just want to air the ball out. I would like to see the game implement a fantasy draft or some mini games for 2011, but I'm plenty happy with the first edition of the franchise.

If you're still on the fence about the purchase, check out Ritchie's review... it covers just about everything.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!