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Find My Facebook Friends Tracks Facebook Friends

Posted by Kevin Stout on March 29th, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Developer IZE has just released an app called Find My Facebook Friends. The app basically works the same way in which Apple's Find My Friends works but connects to Facebook instead of Apple IDs. This opens up quite a few more people to “find” (for me and I’m sure most), considering exchanging Apple IDs isn’t exactly the first thing that crosses my mind when I get a friends information.

Some features that Find My Facebook Friends has that doesn’t show up in Apple’s own app are proximity alerts when a friend is close enough, sending messages via the Facebook app, and locations preferences based on each friends or list of friends.

The app was rejected twice from the App Store, not for being to similar in function to Apple’s own app, but for its icon and name. It was previously submitted as “Find My Friends for Facebook” and the original icon looked like a mix between Facebook’s and Find My Friends.

Find My Facebook Friends is now available for $0.99.

Track Friends And Family Easily With Find My Friends

Posted by Jennifer Allen on October 13th, 2011
+ Universal & Apple Watch App - Designed for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Launched to coincide with iOS5 due to its reliance on such features comes Find My Friends, an app that allows users to easily find their friends and family through their iOS devices. Yup, it's a jealous boyfriend/girlfriend's idea of heaven! But it's also a pretty cool idea for everything from meeting up with friends to simply checking that the kids got home safely from school.

Using an Apple ID that's used with iCloud, users can add a friend then simply send a request to see their location. Users can then always see on a map or via a list exactly where that person is.

Privacy controls and parental restrictions are in there for the safety conscious, and there's also the option to temporarily share information with a group of friends. Everything is encased in an attractive and easy to use format, just as we've come to expect from Apple products.

It's out now and is free and universal to all iOS5 users. Don't forget to sign up to an iCloud account too!