Origin8 Launches App Store "February Freebie Fever" Sale

Posted by Arron Hirst on February 8th, 2010

The App Store is known for its sales, and just like December and the holiday discount, February is no different, at least for London UK-based mobile development studio Origin8. Developer of "The Sentinel" series, Origin8 have announced "February Freebie Fever," a sale which will see the company drop the price to FREE on one of it's App Store hits. Every Friday in the month of February, Origin8 will make one of their App Store titles absolutely free for the busy weekend period.

The sale comes as Sentinel: Mars Defense is about to turn a year old on the 19th February. The sale has already started with Car Mania becoming free last Friday up until today. Details of future weekend deals will be announced via the company's various social networking accounts on the day of the sale.

"The Sentinel: Mars Defense anniversary provides us with a great excuse to spread some love to our players, and it's a logical point for us to take a look back over an exciting year. Our aim is to develop games that stand out for their high quality and we want to get them into as many hands as we can. The iPhone as a gaming platform has grown spectacularly over the past year - many current players won't have owned an iDevice at the time of the original Sentinel release, so we're giving them a chance to catch up with our back catalogue for nothing."