First Look: Favit, a Twitter Favorites Best-Of Browser

Posted by Jeff Scott on December 5th, 2009
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Favit is the newest Twitter application to hit the iPhone. It's the companion application to the web site, a Twitter favorites tracker. When the app is launched and you enter your Twitter login and password, you see a simple screen with a tweet that has already been favorited many times.

You can navigate the tweets by swiping forward or backward. And nicely the app remembers the last tweet you looked at when you return. And you won't see the same tweet twice unless you go through every one of the millions of favorited tweets.

When you are looking at a tweet, you can favorite it yourself, email it, retweet it, or add the author to your Favstar favorite authors list.

The app is a great, simple way to discover both interesting tweets and interesting people to follow. The app is simple, but it's designed to be that way. Just a small little app to flip between a few new to you tweets to pass the time while in line at the DMV. Well, that's what I used it for last.