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Favorite Four Apps for Mother's Day

Posted by Lisa Caplan on May 9th, 2012

Mother’s Day means so many different things to so many different people that it’s hard to create a list of just four apps for the occasion. There are great gifts to purchase right from iTunes and the App Store, and tons of apps to help you find the right present. But we decided to keep the focus on free or inexpensive apps that will make moms feel special this Sunday and leave them with more than a memory to treasure all year long.

Slow Message

There are a ton of special-for-Mother’s-Day e-card apps, but once sent and received, they tend to be filed away no matter how much sentimental value they hold, like real cards. Slow Message offers an alternative to make mom happy year round. The app allows users to write emails and arrange to have them sent out in daily, weekly, or monthly intervals. While the app doesn’t have card templates, it’s a wonderful way to keep the love flowing even when life’s so busy there’s hardly time for a text message. And while we're using it, we can set up annual birthday and anniversary emails too.


A phone call or card is wonderful, but nothing beats seeing your children’s faces, especially when they are away from home. And while many moms are tech savvy and iOS ready, some older mothers and grandmothers still find new technologies overwhelming and lots of geek-moms use non-iOS devices. Since almost everyone has access to some sort of mobile or desktop computer with a camera, Skype is the perfect cross-platform app for catching up and sharing events. And, if your mom is one of the sort who isn’t techy, spend the time teaching her how to set up and use it as a time to bond.

Fotopedia – Women of the World

What better way to show mom that you appreciate everything she does and everything she is than by celebrating the beauty of womanhood with her? Oliver Martel’s free collection of photographs of women from – you guessed it – all around the world is full of stunning images that celebrate every facet - modern and traditional - of being part of the fairer sex. The app has a wonderful permanent collection and a series of changing photo stories that commemorate different cultures, occupations, rites of passage and of course, lots of photos of mothers.

iPad Newstand Subscriptions

Looking for something more tangible? Does your mom have an iPad? If so, one of the best gift ideas - one that keeps on giving and doesn’t cost too much - is a newspaper or magazine subscription. There is something on Newsstand for almost every mom. The New York Times has a section for every interest, and if that’s too pricey or not her style some other great choices include:

Happy Mother's Day!

Favorite Four Apps For Valentine's Day

Posted by Lisa Caplan on February 8th, 2012

Ah, Valentine's day. That wonderful day where those in relationships set huge expectations for perfect romantic escapades that can seldom be met by their partner and singles wish they could share in the homage to Hallmark and Cupid. Finding the right thoughtful token or date locale doesn't have to be an expensive ordeal, however. As always there are a bevy of holiday-themed apps that claim to help make the day either more special or more commercial depending on your point of view. We have collected our favorite four apps for singles and couples looking to make the most of February 14 without waking up broke on the 15th.

Build-a-Card Cupid Edition
Heartfelt words, to a lover, relative or friend, can make them feel special and cherished. Greeting cards are the most traditional way of sending sentiments, but printed brick-and-mortar shop cards are expensive and seldom say exactly what you want. e-cards are less expensive, but it's still hard to find the right one and harder still to keep them out of spam filters. Build-a-Card Cupid Edition is packed full of love-themed templates and graphic elements to allow users to customize valentines with their own words and photos. These particularly pretty cards can then then be sent via email, Twitter or Facebook and you can send as many as you like for less than the price of a single dead tree card.

iWrite Love Poems
If sending a card is touching, nothing is more romantic or traditional than sending an original stanza or three of romantic poetry to your beloved. Sadly, however, not all of us are gifted wordsmiths. If you are looking for some help in composing a grand romantic ode or a simple rhyming couplet, iWrite Love Poems, an App Store Valentine staple, can help. It offers eight types of poems from seductive to wistful, general style tips and if the creative juice still won't flow, the app creates its own loving verses. The GUI would benefit from an iOS 5 makeover, but there is in-app email sharing to pass along the love notes.

Urban Spoon
A classy dinner date to a hot spot or intimate eatery doesn't have to break the bank. With Urban Spoon's apps, not only do dates have endless dining options worldwide, but all you have to do to impress and stay solvent is pick a location, cuisine, and price range. A shake or spin will provide a hip dining spot to enjoy and a way to impress that special someone with your culinary savvy.

OK Cupid
We promised we would't leave out singles, and we haven't with card makers and restaurant suggesters, but if you are looking for a hot Valentine's date, or for that perfect someone, OK Cupid, the app for the well-known dating site, can certainly help. Subscribers can access all the profiles and interact on the fly from the privacy of their palm. Based on the community size there should be someone for almost everyone. And if you still don't find that perfect someone, at least not in time, there are a ton of valentine updates to popular iPhone games to tide you over until Mr or Ms right finds you.