Freemium Gaming Aimed At Girls With Gameloft's Fantasy Town

Posted by Jennifer Allen on December 9th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Girls: Don't feel confined to the likes of Farmville, Cityville or numerous other 'ville' type titles. There's a fantasy based freemium game aimed specifically at the female gender: Fantasy Town.

OK, admittedly there's nothing to stop girls from playing any game they so choose to (I should know) but Gameloft reckons that Fantasy Town is perfect for girls.

Focusing on a magical world in which players can raise magical plants, build a village and explore mysterious lands, much of the experience is centered around decorating homes and socializing with friends within the game through Facebook Connect. Plenty of creatures can be encountered and players can complete collections of magical items as they progress.

It sounds a little similar to other freemium titles but there's no denying that it does look pretty cute. Check out the gameplay trailer below. The game is out now and is free to download.