According to recent research, the average number of Facebook friends that a user has is 130. But how well do those users know their friends? Facetrainer is a game that sets out to test just how well people know their friends.

The app goes through the user’s friends list, saving their profile pictures. Then, it randomly chooses a photo and distorts it, leaving players to guess who that friend is. The faster they guess, the more points they gain.

4 different game modes are available, offering different levels of difficulty. Alongside that are numerous distortion effects, as well as the ability to share scores worldwide.

Facetrainer is a distinctly casual affair but it’s fun to test just how well players know their friends, especially if they have hundreds of friends on the network. Once guessed, they can even post the distorted images to their Facebook wall to share with friends.

Facetrainer is available now and costs $0.99.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2012-04-05 :: Category: Social Networking