Battleground Defense Amps Up the Tower Defense Action

Posted by Jordan Minor on January 2nd, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Tower defense games on the App Store are nothing new and neither are games featuring modern military equipment. However, has there ever been a game that combines these two elements? Probably, but no one should let that stop them from at least giving Battleground Defense from Evelyn Software Labs a look.

Staying true to its promise of combining "classic tower defense gameplay" with "the intense action of modern warfare," Battleground Defense's collection of 18 towers includes missile launchers, heavy canons and flame throwers. These are the kinds of weapons one needs to take on tanks, jets, armored cars and the rest of the game's 15 different enemy types. Among the nine maps are some where the enemy path is pre-determined and others where players must use strategic tower placement to redirect foes themselves like in Fieldrunners.

Available now for $2.99, iPhone and iPad owners alike can experience this tower defense game for the 21st century.

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