Dash and Run with ePig Dash

Posted by Jennifer Allen on May 12th, 2011

The word ePig conjured up all manners of technologically advanced pigs in my mind. In reality it stands for Eddie the Pig, a rather cute little pig that needs help in ePig Dash.

ePig Dash is the latest instalment for the plucky pig with earlier games such as ePig, ePig Rope, ePig Predict and the rather intriguingly titled MindControl ePig.

Gameplay is of the endless running variety with players needing to tap the screen whenever Eddie is required to jump. The speed steadily increases, especially with the help of numerous power up items scattered throughout the game.

It's a familiar concept but one that continues to please. Its visuals are also rather reminiscient of a certain spiky blue hedgehog too. A series of achievements also provide a reason to keep playing, especially as after acquiring 13 of them, a new song is unlocked.

ePig Dash is available now for free for the iPhone and iPod Touch. iPad owners have a choice of an ad supported version for free or paying 99c for an ad free app.

Check out the screenshots below.