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Top 3 App Deals for 11/3/11

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on November 3rd, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Whew. We're not totally sure what happened after Monday's top 5 extravaganza of app deals, but maybe having so many without any checks and balances cause a similar reaction as that of eating too much Halloween candy. In other words, we had an App Deal hangover, which is only now starting to clear. To make up for it, here are some great app deals for today:

Dink - Was $0.99, now FREE
Create animations nothing more than your iPhone and your finger, then share to MyDink.net, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or by email.

Epic War TD - iPad Edition - Was $0.99, now FREE
A tower defense that looks like old school Starcraft, ready for your free download today. The iPhone version is also FREE.

Muffin Knight - Was $0.99, now FREE
If I have to hear the mellifluous voice of the actress in Muffin Knight who calls out the names of the characters players switch to after each muffin is claimed, I'm gonna scream. My kids love this game so much that I want to inflict it upon you, for free.


FrEEday Vol 46

Posted by Chris Nitz on May 27th, 2011

Fireworks Arcade:
Pyromaniacs looking to explode giant displays of color can now do so without the worry of burning the neighborhood down. Fireworks Arcade allows players to create brilliant fireworks displays, or just sit back and watch a generated show. There are three different game modes to keep players entertained with a variety of activities. Great physics and dozens of vibrant colors round out this fun little package.

Jewel Adventures:
Looking for a break from Bejeweled, but still like the gem matching goodness it provides? Jewel Adventures takes the ever familiar style of the jewel matching titan and ships it to the high seas. There are five islands to travel among and more levels available for download. It does not get much simpler than this!

Epic War TD - Full Version:
Who says iOS cannot compete with the big dogs when it comes to games? Epic War provides massive tower defense battle that all run at 60FPS. The game includes ten unique levels with up to 60 waves of battle on each level. The game looks great, runs well, and provides hours of entertainment. Now that is good (FREE) gaming!

Star Blitz:
Wannabe galactic captains can now battle in fantastic space fights without all the crazy flight tests and expensive ship repairs. Players will take part in massive space battles in hopes of defeating the evil Alien Xeno Cluster. Fully customizable ships, Facebook integration, and classic gameplay will make this one interstellar fight space junkies will want to dive into.

Hide and Seek by IMVU:
Gamers that just want to sit down and enjoy a puzzling game of hide and seek can now do so in glorious 3D. Instead of just looking for object on the 2D plane, they are now scattered about the stage in full 3D glory. This means players will need to look behind set pieces in order to discover hidden objects. There are over 20 level to play, each with a varied and unique theme. Waldo who?