Make Crazy Beats With ElectroBeats By David Guetta

Posted by Chris Hall on November 30th, 2010

In my cozy little world, nestled in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona, beat making on an iOS device starts and ends with the iDaft, the fantastic app that lets you make your own versions of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" and "Technologic." As much as I want to believe that this is the end all, be all music making app, I am aware that there are people making insane beats and remixes with various apps in the App Store.

Glancing over the App Store, anyone can see that beat making apps are a dime a dozen, with a ton of apps letting you mix, remix, and play with a handful of beats generated by not so great DJ's. ElectroBeats is a little different than the rest of the lot, as it gives you more samples and pads than you will know what to do with. You can play around with all sorts of samples, from snare drums to various instruments, as well as five different modes (pad, pitch, velocity, erase, mute/solo). There are also hundreds of drum patterns, default quantization (for instant gratification!), and two sound generators (sample playback and synthesis oscillator) to thump your fingers to. If you want to get really hard core, you can even save your tracks to .wav files or export them to more serious platforms like Logic™, Live™, ProTools™, and Cubase™ for some serious mixing.

All of this intuitive beat making was made possible by the apps collaboration with famed French DJ/producer David Guetta, who has produced songs for just about everyone in the industry, from Rihanna to Lil' Wayne to Madonna.

It goes without saying that if you have any sort of interest in iOS beatmaking, ElectroBeats is the app to get.