Zynga Releases Drop7...Again. The Crowd Goes Wild.

Posted by Carter Dotson on April 4th, 2011

Drop7 has been re-released by social gaming juggernaut Zynga, who purchased Drop7 developer Area/Code earlier this year and renamed them Zynga New York. The game has not undergone any major changes in this re-release besides graphical updates for Retina Display devices and the iPad. The game was universal before, but now looks a lot better on the iPad. The game has also been released as an ad-supported free version and a new paid version for $2.99 (which was free during the launch weekend). Apple doesn't allow for apps to change publishers after they are released (unlike on the Android Market, where their version of Drop7 is now published by Zynga), but Zynga has a fair deal for previous Drop7 owners. The original Drop7 app got an update recently that prompts users to download the free version - by downloading the app through this link, the free version has its ads disabled. Given their limited options, this seems like the best possible move from Zynga to support their customers.