New Idea in Casual Games: iGameDock

Posted by Jeff Scott on June 2nd, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Most casual games have a limited lifespan. According to Dreamsky, people tend to get bored with many casual games, quickly. “We’ve learned from our experience as mobile game players and game developers, that most mobile games have a player attention span of 3-5 days. Hence it makes much sense to provide iGameDock as a continuing game feature platform for users so that they can keep trying new games without having to compromise on cost and memory space,” said Michael Chan, CEO, Dreamsky Technology.

In an attempt to market games in a short attention span world, Dreamsky has released iGameDock featuring a twice monthly changing game lineup. The first version has been released which features 3 games from the App Store combined into a single app all for $0.99. The first three games are Particle Wars, Doodle Left or Right, and Electron Zero. All full versions of their respective releases. Here's a quick demo of the current games and the iGameDock app.

In addition to the games, Dreamsky will be presenting in the app links to other promotional games and plans on offering challenges to complete for future special rewards in the app. iGameDock is available now in the App Store for a great $0.99.