Daily Double: Doodle Golf + Bonus Freebies, Red Rocket Games Free For Holidays

Posted by Bonnie Eisenman on December 21st, 2009

While the Appvent Calender is merely offering us Doodle Golf today, we have loads more freebies to share, too. Darkroom Premium, The Deep Pinball, Orba, and all Red Rocket Games are also free today. This is certainly an amazing Christmas season. How many of you are running out of your 180 app slots?

Doodle Golf
Today's Appvent offering is uncannily similar to Invisible Links, a game we reviewed earlier this year....probably because it was made by the same company! Doodle Golf is a slightly easier, slightly simpler incarnation of the same concept, in which you draw lines to guide your golf ball through a doodled mini-golf course. The catch is that the courses are drawn with invisible ink...so you'll have to remember where the boundaries are! Invisible Links was a great game, though a challenging one, so Doodle Golf should definitely be worth a download. From the developer:

"Each course is designed with large enough pathways for you to navigate easily with you finger. Courses range from lego blocks to cobble stone pathways, under the sea creatures to doodles in the sky. Enjoy 50 courses and 4 difficulty levels that cater to any player’s skill. Can you collect all 50 gold medals?"

Now for our bonus freebies!

Darkroom Premium
Darkroom Premium features a number of nifty additions, such as a full-screen shutter button, a "steady mode" that won't snap a shot until the camera stops moving, and many more. Formerly known as "Steadycam Premium," it's an app that most iPhone users can surely find a use for. The free download for this one ends Christmas Eve!

The Deep Pinball
I'm not quite sure how the aquatic theme matches up with Christmas, but whatever. The Deep Pinball comes from the makers of Wild West Pinball, and features a solid pinball board with great graphics. The deep-sea theme has been updated to include Christmas-y touches like sharks in Santa hats. If you like pinball at all, there's no excuse not to give it a try on your favorite iDevice...especially at this price.

Oh, match-3 has taken such a beating in the App Store. While it's true that there are more than enough clones out there, if you've yet to acquire one, you might as well give Orba a spin. This "color matching, orb smashing" game is absolutely beautiful, and requires a bit more strategy than Bejeweled or similar games. Let's face it...there's a reason these games keep popping up, and that's because they're addicting. Add that to Orba's shiny, sophisticated graphics and you've got a home run.

Red Rocket Games
Developer Red Rocket Games has put all of their apps on sale for the holidays. Talk about sweet!

Little Runner
A doodle-based game in which you guide "Little Runner" through a veritable obstacle course, guarding his path as the little alien runs obliviously past perils. The goal, of course, is to keep him running for as long as possible. It's a fun concept, the art is silly, and it's easy to start playing.

Mr. HAND is a...strange...retro game. "So what is MR HAND?" the description asks. "Why, it's the original quirky retro-arcade 8-bit secret-agent flying-hand with a turbo-booster Rock Paper Scissors Game."

...confused? So am I, but you should probably try it out regardless, because the App Store reviews are glowing. It's fast, it's weird, it's silly, and by all accounts it's a lot of retro-styled fun.

MEVO & The Grooveriders
MEVO is a rhythm-based game that plays similarly to a Mario platformer...but with music. As Mevo travels through five different worlds, you tap along to the music in order to keep the flow going. It's kind of similar to a TapTap/Guitar Hero/Rock Band game, except transposed onto a 2D platformer. Pretty nifty, if you ask me.

Dark Harvest
Does Red Rocket make anything normal? Apparently not, and that's a good thing! Dark Harvest is a match-3 spinoff where you job is to "grow a vegetable army of DOOM." Intriguing, right? It's a match-3 in the style of Snood, so gameplay should be familiar to just about any player.

And that's it for our massive roundup of the day! Check back tomorrow for more freebies and sales...Christmas is almost upon us!