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Doodle Kingdom HD Review

iPad App - Designed for iPad
By Lee Hamlet on January 29th, 2014
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: RETURN OF THE KING(DOM)
Doodle God saw all that he had made, and (justifiably) decided that it was very good.
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Doodle Kingdom Gives Players More of That Element-Fusion Goodness, Now Includes Quests

Posted by Rob Rich on January 15th, 2014

Avaloid and JoyBits, the teams behind Doodle God, Doodle Devil, and Doodle Farm, are about to add a fourth doodle to their library.

Doodle Kingdom provides the same elemental fusion gameplay the series is so well known for, only this time it's all got more of a high fantasy theme. Well, that and quests to complete for various character classes. And a battle mode. You can see everything in action in the trailer below, really (Note that Doodle Kingdom is not actually "out now," though).

There's no word on a specific release date yet, but you should be able to get your hands on Doodle Kingdom within the next couple of weeks.

Doodle Devil Receives its First Update in 2 Years - Everything is New, New, New!

Posted by Rob Rich on August 29th, 2013
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

It's been almost 2 years since Joybits last updated Doodle Devil, but they haven't just been sitting on their laurels this whole time. The new 2.0 update may have been a long time coming, but it's also huge so it's something of a trade-off.

The trailer and list of features can be found below (no pun intended), but highlights include new HD visuals, more puzzles, and new Demon Puzzles that let you free a series of nasty demons to do your evil bidding.

- New Graphics
- New User Interface
- New Demon Mode
- 13 Languages support
- New Shop & Bank
- New Achievements
- Hundreds of other improvements

Five For Friday: Week of November 05, 2010

Posted by Chris Nitz on November 5th, 2010

Doodle Devil:
Creating the universe is so much work and effort. Once all that work is done, what is left to do? How about destroying everything down to the very ground you created. To aid in the destruction of the planet why not create 107 different items and concepts of sheer oddness. Complete the fun with a few hundred funny, and maybe even thought-provoking, quotes to keep even the most busy world destroyer questioning their decisions.

Shoot’em ups might be a plenty, but how many of them actually adapt to make the game harder as your skills increase? Phoenix will adapt the AI on the fly to provide a fun, challenging, and ever changing gaming experience. Completing the game package off are some sexy visuals, enemy formations that are created on the fly, and Game Center support for those looking to climb to the top spot on the leaderboard. Each play though promises a new experience and intense action.

Time for some 3D dual stick shooter action! Take control of a resistance fighter and fend off hordes of machines that have risen up to take out all of humanity. Eight story levels, 20 survival arenas, and a destructible environment will keep you coming back to stop the rise of the machines. Do you have what it takes to turn the robot suppressors into mere scrap metal?

In the Kitchen:
What do Paula Deen, Bobby Flay, and Alton Brown all have in common, besides being on TV and having badass cooking skills? They can all be crammed into your pocket and called upon when you need them most. Maybe not literally, but their mouth watering recipes can now be easily found on your iOS device of choice. Find thousands of recipes, create shopping lists, and even setup a recipe box to easily find the meals you like most. With the holidays fast approaching, this just might be the best friend you have in the kitchen.

There are times you want to surf the net, but the iPhone is just not big enough to enjoy the experience. CoBrowser allows that webpage to be saved and transmitted to the iPad for a nicer viewing experience. It does this all by Bluetooth, so the second device does not require an internet connection. This is perfect for sharing sites with friends while sitting around a table and socializing. Do note that one of the devices needs an internet connection of some sort. You know, so it can actually pull down the web page. Bonus: this is a universal app, so buy it once and enjoy it on all your devices!